When the tears are making
tracks across your face,
and are filling up your left ear,
When you are fast asleep,
and get startled,
and turn over and try to sleep again,
but fail miserably,
I’ll try to do the same.

When we’re in different
worlds, cities, beds,
stroking the empty pillow,
When we kiss somebody
who looks so much like the other,
and feel loneliness
like a punch in the gut.
I’ll try to be the same person
like you once knew.

When I decided to leave,
knowing what it’ll do to you,
what it’ll do to me,
When you understood,
even though you wanted to stop me,
I fell in love with you
all over again.

When you fall off the deep end,
and you see nothing at all
in your future,
When you look for me in your dreams,
and wake up with somebody else,
and you look out at the moon,
and think of me,
I’ll do the same, love.
I’ll do the same.


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